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Digital Card Printing Services

Web Integration, LLC, offers a comprehensive, full-service solution for digital delivery of ID benefit cards and plan information. Digital delivery offers all the same benefits as our standard print service with the added cost benefits that come from eliminating postage and printing supplies. Our proprietary software and rules engine efficiently manages your current ID card operation using your own business rules. With the click of your mouse, you can order 1 or 1000 digital ID cards. Our secure website lets you view templates, billing information, and a variety of customized reports that show trends and histories and include answers to your most-often-asked questions.


Easy to Use

We’re more than just digital card printers. Our member portal makes managing your digital plastic card printing easier than ever. Web Integration manages data migration, design, ordering, digital delivery, and technical support for all ID operations. Smart ordering instantly puts new cards, changed cards, and replacement cards into the print queue for your approval. Our ID Card Management System offers many options to make your ID card operation seamless and hassle free. Best of all, the use of this powerful software package is free as part of our service to you.


Just like our printed cards, our mobile and digital ID card printer services are 100 percent customizable. Changing the look and feel of your insurance or benefit cards is as simple as selecting an existing template and making the changes in seconds. Adding co-pays, plan information, and other details is equally simple. When you perform digital business card printing with Web Integration, you can create branded, full-color benefit cards, letters, statements, or EOBs that can be delivered to your customers via online portals or mobile platforms in the blink of an eye. You can brand your secure mobile application with custom icons, logos, and colors, and configure it to your exact specifications.