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What is Web Integration and what services do you provide?

Web Integration is a complete fulfillment ID card provider. We provide easy to use online software that allows you to design, manage, and order ID cards 24 hours a day. In addition to printed cards and materials, Web Integration offers digital cards (Web and smart phone supported cards) as well as temporary and sample cards. We also offer dynamic EOB printing, Marketing Mailers, and more.

How easy is it to order cards? Can I use dynamic business rules to order cards?

You may orders cards in seconds using single ordering for individual orders, or group ordering for 1000's of cards or entire reprints. You may also use daily full file syncs to order new employees or even use our powerful business rules engine to design your own ordering criteria. You can order by any field you supply on your incoming data files.

What setup, startup fees, portal fees, or design template fees are there?

There are no setup, startup, file portal, web site usage or template fees. You only pay for what you order plus the cost of postage. Whether you have 1 template or 1000's, we will set them up for you free of charge.

Do you help us get started with moving our old templates to your new interface?

Yes. Setup is free. Simply send us all of your existing templates and our staff will move them to our online library at no extra charge. As soon as a template is added to our system, you can begin printing immediately.

Do I need special software or hardware to manage my ID card operation?

No. Our software is 100% online. You only need your internet browser to manage your entire ID card operation.

How often are cards printed?

Cards are printed daily. There are no minimum print quantities.

How do I search previously ordered employee cards?

Our Search Orders section allows you to search any employee and view snap shots of what was mailed to them at that moment in time. This means you can pull up what John Doe ordered 2 years ago, see how it was mailed, when and what it looked like.

How many card templates can I create and keep in my card template library?

There is no limit to how many templates you can create and store in your library. This allows you to create templates far in advance and release them at a time of your choosing.

Do you offer training for your online tools?

Yes. Training is included at no extra charge.

How are cards tracked once they are printed?

There are several tools for quickly and easily searching card orders. We offer a multi-level search to track, print, and view card histories.

Can I give my customers access to log in and view their own card designs or track orders?

Yes. Our flexible user security allows you to create unlimited users with read-only access for companies to search, track and approve their own cards.

Do you have a standard file format that we submit for card production? Can we send Web Integration what we currently send now for card production?

Our data portal conforms to your format. We encourage users to use whatever native format their system generates to cut down on any work you need to do. This in turn reduces your costs.

How safe and secure are Web Integration file transfers and website?

All data transfers are encrypted and safe. Our website is encrypted via SSL. File transfers via ftp or sftp are encrypted through PGP encryption.

By what method will the cards be shipped? What are the options?

Cards can be shipped by whatever option you wish (USPS First Class, USPS Priority, or Overnight). This is easily configured in your Group Management section. Cards can be sent to the Customer/Group, a member's home, broker, agent or any 3rd party specified. You can even designate the sort / print order within each group.

What kind of reporting is available to track the number of cards produced for each client?

You get 2 free, customized reports during our setup period. This means you can tailor the look and feel of the reports from data that matters most to you. How many cards were ordered by a group? When? What method were they shipped? Maybe you would like to see a real time dashboard regarding your card and letter orders. Let us know what matters most to you. If we have the data, we can present the report to you online or through file feeds to your IT systems.

Does Web Integration offer any other services like printing Welcome Packets, Sample Cards, and Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

Yes. We dynamically create and print customer forms, welcome letters, packets, sample cards, EOB's, benefit cards, statements and many other outgoing correspondences. Our flexible site tailors to the various aspects of business fulfillment.

My current cards are plain and simple but I am not a designer. Does Web Integration offer design services for new card designs?

Yes. We have full color template libraries that can get you started in transforming your old card designs. The Card Editor allows you to create multiple versions of one card. Simply select the design you think is best. Our staff can also help you create unique individualized designs tailored to a customer's website and branding. We are here to help!

How can I contact customer service with questions?

You can contact us via email at, online ticket management, or directly at 860-707-4567. Our online ticket section is managed by our printing and technical support staff.