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There are no setup, startup, file, portal, web site usage, or template fees! USE OF OUR ONLINE SYSTEM IS FREE!

You only pay for what you order plus the cost of postage. Whether you have 1 template or 1000's, we will set them up for you free of charge during your setup period. Simply send us all of your existing templates and our staff will do the work for you. Begin printing as early as 1 day.

  How Much are you REALLY Paying for ID Cards?
Here's how you can save $$$ THOUSANDS $$$!!!

The cost of an ID Card is much more than just the per card cost that some vendors may quote you. When you sit down and factor in everything that goes into the production of an ID Card, the costs can be staggering! Look below at just a few ways one of our insurance clients saved tens of thousands with us on their Medical Card operation.

Before Web Integration

Time and effort wasted trying to organize benefit eligibility information
Money wasted on mail correspondences
7 employees on payroll to maintain an inefficient Insurance Card operation
Money lost in obsolete ID card inventories due to artwork changes
High volume of customer calls due to incorrect medical cards and copay information
High maintenance costs for printing equipment
Loss of business as a result of customer complaints and poor benefit card turnaround times. There is no greater cost than lost business!

After Web Integration

Accurate benefit eligibility information. Our software manages and transmits this information for you
Billing and card order confirmations converted to an electronic format
Online billing and reporting makes billing your customers simple and easy
1 employee now manages the entire Insurance Card operation. 6 employees now perform other vital company functions, increasing productivity
Equipment purchases and maintenance eliminated
Duplicate and inaccurate health cards eliminated. Our Software has built in quality control checks before any medical card is printed
No ID card inventory losses due to artwork changes. There is no overstock or inventory
Complete customer satisfaction with our same day processing and card accuracy

Total Savings for this client: $205,000+ per Year!!!

Our online interface and software manages and quality controls your entire ID Card operation for you.
We remove most of the manual components.