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Total ID Card Management

We provide FREE, EASY TO USE, online software that allows you to design, manage, and order ID cards, letters, or other outgoing correspondences 24 hours a day. Once ordered, our mailing operation fulfills your orders with exceptionally fast turnaround times.

Our customized software and rules engine is designed to efficiently manage your current ID Card operation. At the touch of a button, you can order 1 or thousands of ID Cards in a matter of seconds. Our secure website allows you to view templates, billing, and a wide array of financial, user and management reports showing trends and histories.

Want to change the look and feel of your insurance card or benefit card? Simply select a template from a drop down box and make the change in seconds. Do the same with copays, plan information and much more!

Today's businesses must be accurate, flexible and quick to respond to customer demands. Our system and business processes were built to deliver these capabilities to you.

Within minutes, our free and easy online interface allows you to:

Create a branded, full color, benefit card, letter, statement, or EOB online

Attach the card, letter, or EOB to a plan

Order 1000's of cards, letters, statements, and EOB's instantly with extremely fast turn-round

Design and Development

Need help with the design? Our professional designers can help. We also offer a full IT development shop should you need development services outside of our extensive, free to use, management system.

Power and Flexibility

Benefit cards are available in 30 mil thickness. Electronic formats such as mobile cards and web cards can be integrated easily within your website. Sample and temporary cards are also available. In addition, you may utilize your own set of business rules within our Global rules engine to order cards, EOB's, and other outgoing mailings on any data field within your data files. Our easy to use system is both powerful and flexible.

There is no limit to the number of templates you can create, no minimum card quantities and printing is done daily. In addition, our flexible mailing system allows you to send cards via overnight, priority, and first class delivery to any valid destination. We provide free, easy to use, online software that allows you to design, manage, and order ID cards, letters, or other outgoing correspondences 24 hours a day. Once ordered our mailing operation fulfills your orders with exceptionally fast turnaround times. In addition to printed cards and materials, Web Integration offers digital cards (Web and smart phone supported cards) as well as temporary and sample cards.

Search and Track

Our Search Orders section allows you to search any employee and view snap shots of what was mailed to them at that moment in time. This means, for example, you can retrieve the imaged card, letter, or EOB that John Doe ordered 2 years ago, see how and when it was mailed, as well as what it looked like. This is especially useful to customer service agents and card operations personnel.


You get 2 free, customized reports during our setup period. This means you can tailor the look and feel of the reports from data that matters most to you.

How many cards were ordered by a group? When? What method were they shipped?

Maybe you would like to see a real time dashboard regarding your card and letter orders. Let us know what matters most to you. If we have the data, we can present the report to you online or through file feeds to your IT systems.

Custom Software Development and Usage:

Free Software Development during the Setup period!

Every company is different. The main reason many card vendors cannot get member cards correct is:

Other card vendors lack the understanding that every company is unique and each one requires a custom approach to servicing them.

At Web Integration, we pride ourselves of really knowing the ins and outs of each company we service. We back this up with a team of programmers that tailor our application to your specific company. With so many rules and so much complexity, a cookie cutter approach to ID Cards that many vendors take simply won't do.

Many vendors only print cards. We not only print, but offer a custom, full service application that auto manages your entire operation.

Here are some of the many features we custom program for you

Tailored Management Reports


Benefit Card Template Management

Plan Management


Order Searching

System Statistics


Special Plan Exceptions

Card Gallery


Employee / Printing Reports

Financial Reports


Online Billing


  Our flexible user security interface allows you to create unlimited users with varying degrees of access. You can create various security levels for your customers to search, track, and approve their own cards and correspondences.