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Benefit Cards

Web Integration, LLC, offers a full suite of efficient document management control solutions, from employee benefit card creation all the way through fulfillment. Our solutions are specifically designed to meet the increasingly challenging needs of the healthcare industry. Our mission is to give our clients the tools they need to achieve complete control over their communications.



Web Integration is so much more than an ID card printing company! Each of our clients has access to our free, online software to design, manage, and order ID cards, letters, or other outgoing correspondence 24/7. This completely secure, easy-to-use system makes managing data easier than ever before. Within minutes, our one-of-a-kind system allows you to create a branded, full-color card, attach the card to a plan, and order thousands of cards or just one benefit card replacement.

Getting the answers, you need is also a snap! With the help of our searchable database, you can search for any employee and retrieve an image of the card or document they received and see how and when it was mailed. You can also add reports to your package. Do you want to know how many cards were ordered by a specific group and how they were they shipped? Let us know what matters most to you and we’ll create reporting solutions to answer your most pressing questions.


At Web Integration, you’ll find the best benefit cards that are completely customizable. You can use one of our designs or upload your own. There’s no limit to the number of templates you can create, and our in-house design team is here to help you get it right. You can use your own business rules in our software to order cards, EOBs, and other outgoing mailings. We print daily and there are no minimum ordering quantities—print 1 or 1000, it’s up to you. In addition, our flexible mailing system allows you to choose your shipping option. Send cards overnight, priority mail, or first class anywhere they need to go.


Our printing and mailing operations work hard to fulfill all orders exceptionally fast. With Web Integration, you have the option of ordering printed cards and materials as well as digital documents for use on mobile devices or web portals. Whether your documents are printed or created for online or mobile presentation, you can trust Web Integration to get it right every time.