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Consider Your Costs

Web Integration can save you THOUSANDS in your ID Card operation.
The following summarizes some of the expenses many people do not factor into the price of their ID Card production.
Please take a minute and consider these costs.

Human Resource Costs

How many people are currently involved in the day to day operations of producing Insurance Cards?  This could be the actual ordering, fixing benefit card problems, or sending confirmations, etc.  As long as they are busy working on medical cards, they are not available for other vital company functions.

Vendor Costs

Are you currently paying a card vendor to print Benefit Cards or perform some other Benefit Card related service?  What are they charging you and what are they giving you for that price?

Servicing Costs

How many phone calls or costs are associated with servicing your Insurance clients?  Do you get complaints due to inaccurate Health Cards?  What about reordering?

Mail Correspondences

How many overnight or weekly mailings do you send to the Insurance companies you service in regards to Medical Cards?  After doing a Use Case analysis for one of our Insurance clients, we discovered they were spending more than $4,000 a year just on confirmation mailings!  They never thought to factor this into their Health Card costs.

Equipment / Software Costs

How much have you spent on card related equipment such as printers, software, cutters, etc?


How often do you service your equipment?  This cost can significantly add to your per card cost.

Stock Costs

Are you paying for the card stock you print on?  How much?

Accounting Costs

How much time is taken to run reports or compile data for your Insurance Card operation?  What are the costs associated with this?  Are you currently able to create reports showing trends and histories?