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About the Types of Printing for Plastic Cards

Businesses have various needs for plastic cards. From gift cards and reward cards to time cards and employee plastic id card printing, businesses use these cards to manage personnel and money matters. When trying to decide which type of plastic card printing companies to use, it's important to consider the following.

PVC Card Printing Services for Retail Stores

Companies that need to mass produce cards at a high rate such as retail stores need a machine that has the capability to meet these output needs. Many retail locations opt to use printing machines such as the Fargo HDP5000, the AlphaCard, or the Evolis Securion. These high-volume machines are secure and produce high-quality laminated cards quickly.

Do you print paper gift certificates? Even though plastic cards tend to be the industry go-to product, there are still plenty of companies that prefer to print paper gift certificates. Paper is cheaper to print, and you don't need a fancy printer. However, you still want to make sure that your paper gift certificates don't get destroyed. That's why many businesses opt to use the Evolis Tattoo printer. This versatile printer gives users the option to laminate their certificates and is able to meet output demands.

Plastic ID Card Printing
Financial institutions, hospitals, and other places of business that rely on security measures to keep their employees, patients, and clientele safe need reliable plastic ID cards. Office PVC card printers have features that allow for sensitive information to be stored on these cards for purposes such as clocking in and out, accessing secure areas, and date storage.

For educational institutions, school PVC card printers allow students to navigate their school easier. School card printing keeps students safe by storing personal information, prevents theft of lunch money, allows for easy on-campus purchases, and makes it easier to check equipment in and out. These types of school ID cards are great for kindergarten all the way through college.

Choosing Your Printer
Not all plastic id card printers are the same. If you're ready to invest in this type of equipment, research the types of plastic card printing companies to find the service that best fits your needs.